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  • Products


    In our products and those we enable, we innovate to improve people’s lives. We take care to promote the safety, security and value of our products throughout their life cycle.

    Our product stewardship program addresses product safety and transparency, product regulations and risk management in new product design, market development, raw material selection, product manufacturing, distribution and sales, product applications, recovery or reuse and disposal of finished products.

    Our ongoing commitment is to understand and communicate the health, safety, environmental and security impacts of our products throughout their life cycle.

    We collaborate and innovate with our partners to improve the ability of plastics to protect products, people and the environment.

    As part of our Responsible Care Outreach program, we are encouraging customers to participate with us in Operation Clean Sweep, an international program designed to help protect the marine environment, to minimize waste and help to keep plastic resin pellets out of the environment.

    Product Safety Information

    We are engaged with the Global Product Strategy (GPS) of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) through our membership in the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). GPS is designed to meet the United Nation's Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management. Companies engaged in GPS, including NOVA Chemicals, are committed to make relevant product information publicly available.

    In support of the GPS and as part of our Responsible Care? commitment, we believe it is essential for people who use our products to have access to clear information on their contents and safe handling.  Learn more about our Safety Data Sheets and other Product Safety Information.